Eating contests

Belgian championship chilipepers eating.

Only for the bravest chili eaters! From fairly mild to brutally hot! Do you dare to fight? Participating is more important than winning, because it is an achievement in itself that you dare to take a seat at the tables of this merciless competition. Sign up, let the crowd cheer you on and get ready for a tough ride!

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The eating contest is sponsored by Westland Peppers:

HAMburger competition

A hot hamburger, who finish it first?

Attention: register at your own risk, this delicious burger is topped with a Super spicy exclusive sauce that contains 55% Carolina Reapers. You have been warned!

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Rummy Bears Psychos Groupchallenge

A unique opportunity to take on this challenge together with others, and earn points for the League of Fire Rummy Bears Psycho Bears League Table

This group challenge is sponsored by: Rummy Bears – The Adult Candy Company and brought by SOF European chapter

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