Rummy Bears Psychos


What is this?

Fruit flavored gummies heavily infused with Ghost Naga and a KICK of Capsaicin Oleoresin!
This is not just a fun snack, but an EXTREME Challenge Product. You have been warned!

1 XXXL sized Rummy Bear (25 grams)

Group challenge

A unique opportunity to take on this challenge together with others, and earn points for the League of Fire Rummy Bears Psycho Bears League Table


This group challenge is sponsored by: Rummy Bears – The Adult Candy Company and brought by SOF European chapter


You can do that if you are 18 years or older and you agree with the LOF Rules.
Send us a e-mail @

The LOF Rules

No food or drink while attempting the challenge.
You must remain on camera at all times until the challenge is complete.
Read the SHORT disclaimer at found at the bottom of clearly into the camera.
The Psycho Bear must be opened from a SEALED packet on screen and remain on screen until fully consumed.
After consuming the Bear, show an empty mouth then begin a 3 minute afterburn.
If you remain on screen for the full 3 minutes without ‘ejecting’ the Bear you have completed the challenge.
You can now go for another Bear if you’re brave enough!

LOF World Ranking Points

3 points for every Rummy Bears Psycho Bear eaten


Although we as an organization will be filming the event, it is really important that you either film yourself with a tripod, or entrust it to someone else. We cannot guarantee that you will be constantly in view, which is important for your LOF points! Also having someone to time the 3 minutes afterburn is recommended!

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